Maximize your travel experience with guaranteed availability.



Introducing Centerline by Priester Aviation. Experience a program uniquely crafted to benefit you. Your time is valuable and should be treated as such. Eliminate the added stress with immediate booking and confirmation. With Priester Centerline each trip is tailored to your specific needs with guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates. Let us help you to focus on the things that matter to you most.


Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed Availability: Book your travel with confidence. Priester Centerline requires as little as 14 hours notice.* Select from any of the Priester Centerline aircraft categories for one way or round trip pricing.
  • No Ferry Charges: No ferry or reposition charge from gateway airports in the Chicagoland  and greater Milwaukee areas. Experience a simplified rate with unmatched safety, service and reliability. 
  • Fixed Hourly Rates: What you see is what you get. Upgrade your experience. Priester Centerline provides a worry-free, simplified inclusive pricing* solution to maximize your trip experience.  
  • Flexible Cabin Class: Enjoy flexibility, with Priester’s Centerline you are not locked into one cabin size. As your travel plans take shape, you have the freedom to choose the cabin class that fits your needs. 

Gateway Airports

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*Terms and Conditions

  • Guaranteed aircraft availability with 14 hours’ notice Book between 6AM and 5PM central
  • 1.5 hour minimum usage per day is required
  • As you travel, funds from your account will be deducted and can be replenished at any time in increments of $100,000
  • Guaranteed rate includes: Hourly flight charge,fuel surcharge, landing/high density/ramp fees, security fees, crew overnight fees, catering from menu, flight attendant (when applicable on large cabins)
  • Additional cost (only when applicable): Taxes, customs,  custom catering, WiFi, flight phone, international fees and inclement weather charges (hangar/de-ice). 
  • One way or round trip pricing
  • Please see contract for full terms and conditions